The Spirit of Forgiveness

Let us first look at the definition of the word Forgiveness from Wikipedia the encyclopedia which states that Forgiveness is the intentional and voluntary process by which a victim undergoes a change in feelings and attitude regarding an offense, lets go of negative emotions such as revenge, with an increased ability to wish the offender well.

Forgiveness from a spiritual point of view in my own terms is defined as the act of releasing someone who have wronged you by accepting the goodness and the Love of God that goes beyond the act of jealousy and harm to make both you and the other person feel free and at ease which is also an expectation of God.

When you forgive someone it’s as though a weight is lifted from your shoulders.  You no longer carry a pain or burden inside of you.  You no longer worry nor fret for whatever your transgressions may have been you do not have to toil in them anymore.

Most people find it difficult to forgive for different reasons, here are three (3) main reasons:

1.They think that whatever someone else has done to them is so great a sin that cannot be forgiven.
2.They keep on  replaying the incident over and over in their heads and it sticks there as  a broken record.

3.They may despise someone and may want to punish that other person by withholding their forgiveness.

Three points to think about:

1.No sin in this world is too big for God to not forgive because all sin is made equal and if God is Almighty who can forgive when someone does wrong, then who are we not to forgive others as well.

2.For progression to take shape, one cannot be stuck in the past and keep reminding themselves about what went wrong or who did whatever to hurt them.  Time moves on and so should each of us, even though we may forgive and not forget, forgiveness gives birth to healing. 

3.Not forgiving someone is just a radical decision which does no good to both persons involved.  For they may be asking for your forgiveness and you keep refusing making them feel bad about themselves for a long period of time even until death.  You on the other hand have the power to forgive, but when you don’t you carry a darkness inside of you that may even make you sick or bitter.  Be rid of that situation and forgive to be stress free, to be happy, to feel loved.

Benefits of forgiveness:

1. You are freed from your hurt

2. It initiates the foundation of the healing process in your life.

3. It shows that you are the better man. You did not stoop to the other person’s level by not forgiving and God will be pleased with you for doing the right thing.

4. You can grow from past hurts and pains which may make you even wiser  than  you are at your current state.

5. You will open up your heart to feel a sense of happiness and not heaviness, joy takes the lead in your life and not pain nor sorrow.

In Conclusion, we are commanded by God to love our neighbours as we love ourselves.  This means that we cannot forgive ourselves and not forgive others because that would be unfair and it will be disobedience to God’s law.  We are all equal people who are loved by the same God, let us cherish each other, treat each other with respect and be true brothers and sisters that exist on this earth.


Nothing Moves Beyond Measure

Sometimes in this life we find ourselves moving around in a circle and we don’t know why.

Here are three reasons why this happens:

1. Fear – We are afraid to move on because we do not know what will come next in life and if we are to progress to the next level we sometimes feel as though its hard to keep up.  We become scared of the unknown and of the new situations that we have no knowledge of how to handle them as they occur.

2. Comfort – We are too comfortable with doing things one way because it is easy and we do not like change.  Change sometimes bring complications and so we try to run from or avoid complications because it calls for another level of thinking with regards to solving new situations/problems or solving those things which are broken.

3. Authority – Sometimes we like the authority of a thing and so we do not want to move to something new because we may not regain such a high power of the new thing which we are to inherit.  We’re afraid that we will no longer be in control of what may come next so we don’t want to give it up, instead we hold onto it and if possible do all kind of things to keep that which we have control over for as long as we can.

Three responses for the above reasons:

1. Love,  power and mindset – When it comes to fear, we are all afraid of new things at some point not knowing what to expect in this life, but “God does not give us a spirit of fear, but of love, power and strong  mind.” When love overflows in our hearts, there is no room left for fear to take root.  We were given the power to show how strong we are, we are not a weak race of humans, we are powerful beings that can overcome any challenge that come our way.  A weak mind is easily defeated, but a strong mind is what keeps us going.  We have strong minds that leads to determination and a winning spirit to defeat any thought of fear that pops up in our heads.  We are able to become bold and brave, courageous and ever true in whatever we do.

2. The Goodness of Change – Changes can be good and bad, but every change that God wants for us is always good.  When we go through change we sometimes become stronger, smarter, more loving and kind.  We would amaze ourselves because we have outgrown the persons we think we are now and once was before to being someone new of profound integrity with outstanding respect and loyalty to God.  Some changes also make our lives much better in every aspect, whether it be work, family, friends or church family our relationships will grow and we can have stronger bonds of unity forming an unbreakable network with God as our main hub.

3. Faith – He gives us a share measure of faith to move mountains and if we only believe and trust fully in Him we will have no reason to fear the fact of losing control over a thing.  Sometimes we gain more and rule over more, but that depends on the smaller things which the Lord gives us to take care of and if we can’t take care of the smaller things in life, how do we expect to take care of the bigger ones.  If is so does happen that one loses his position of authority of something which results by moving or adhering to God’s Word, then be assured that something better is to come.  Sometimes you are moved because that thing might be causing you pain and is draining your life force, and you may be too blinded to see it.  Faith is key to success in the kingdom of God, do not waver, charter the course and all will be well.

The measure of a man depends on his ability and obedience to God.  If you move through life with God doing things with and for Him, He will without a doubt give you your heart’s desire. So be cautioned not to rush anything and don’t stay in the same place all your life because you may miss out on the wondrous Blessings that are in store for you.

Simple truth: Be still when the tide is silent and ride the waves as they come and the new path which is laid before you, God wants you to cross it and meet Him where He is and be united in His Kingdom forever and ever.

The Fight is Still On

Of all the times I’ve struggled.
Of all the times I’ve stumbled and fall, God was there with me to help me through it all.
Yet I have a new challenge and it seems too hard to bear.
So I sat there and pondered. I worried and worried about what to do next.
Then finally I looked up to the sky and asked this question: why hast thou burdened me?
This task at hand seems greater than I and by myself I am weak and can do nothing.

As I sat there in the silence, the Lord showed me images of the past.
As I saw them, my mind struck a cord, for it was a reflection of challenges once faced, and with each challenge, I was able to conquer with God’s help.
He gave me strength to endure, but now why do I feel so insecure.
I had forgotten for a moment of God’s grace and mercy.
I am reminded that if I put my complete trust in Him, He will not leave me nor forsake me.

For Jesus is always there and so now I am full of cheer.
I have regained confidence to take that task head on.
For Faith is not a choice, but it is rather a way of life that tells how much you trust God.
Faith is that link that enables us to gain strength from God because of that belief in Him.
Trust Him with all your heart for in everything we do, we can do nothing or be nothing without Him.

The fight is still on I cannot give up nor can you for the end is not yet come, but we must hold on to the one who wears the crown.
Keep on fighting, keep on holding on, God is with us and will continue to be to the very end.

True Friendship Has No Enemies

A friend is considered one who has your best interest at heart and supports you no matter what you have set your mind to (as long as its legal) and helps you to accomplish those goals.

A friend in today’s society is somewhat becoming scarce.  It is very difficult to find someone who has your back and will stand with you in times of trouble and not only in the good times.  In my opinion the word friendship is something that has seemed to lose its meaning as of recent.  Everyone states that they’re your friend, but that is not so and I will show you the difference.

Three Classes of Friends:

1. Acquaintance – this is not a true friend.  This person is just someone with whom another enjoys hanging out with or having a good time with, but there is no emotional support between them.  They also come around in times of need, they are never there for you when you need them the most and they are just looking out for themselves in the best way possible.  In other words, they are self-centered.

2. Frenemy – this is someone who pretends to be a friend but in actuality is an enemy.  These types of persons will try to be the best friend to you at first only to gain your trust and a little later on, they will do their best to destroy your life.  They will look to take whatever they can from you.  They have your worst interest at heart, they like to see bad things happen  to you, they just despise you and wish to see you  fall. They are venomous beings.

3. Genuine Friend/Agentic Friend – this person is not just pretending to be your friend, he/she is your friend.  In this friendship both parties look toward each other in achieving practical goals in their personal and professional life.  They provide that emotional support and helps to comfort each other in times of sorrow.  They value sharing time together and having fun.  They are seen as a family unit whether a brother or sister that the other never had.  This type of friendship is true friendship where the meaning of the word friend is accomplished by both parties.  This friend is being all true towards the other friend and is connected to the other by a strong connection of edification (uplifting each other).

There are other types of friendships, however I wanted to focus on these three main types that are mostly in existence in the world today.

In conclusion, I must say that Friendship is a gift from God.  He has given us this gift so that we have someone there to help us along the way.  God is always there of course, but sometimes we do need encouragement from a human being and so that is why this was created.  A friend is there to help, encourage and bring joy to your life.  Now I tell you this, when you meet such a person you can truly consider your friend, treat them the best that you can and show them the same gratitude which they have been showing you, for you never know if that person might be your  only life-long friend on this earth.

When The Heart Grieves

Grief is considered to be  mental suffering or distress over affliction or loss; sharp sorrow; painful regret.

At some point in our lives we have all grieved in one way or another, whether it be from heartache or from losing a loved one or not getting something that your heart desired.  All are considered to be some form of grief.

When people grieve, they are unable to function, their bodies become weak (loss of strength).  They experience temporary memory loss, forgetting things that need to be done or forgetting some kind of information that is needed for a particular purpose.   They don’t think nor act rationally, it’s as if they have lost all sense of ability to function.

There are more that I can touch base on, but the main point of this blog is to highlight the grief that comes from God/the grief that God allow us to go through.

When we lose a loved one, it is not God’s intention to make us hurt based on spite for not serving Him, it is because that was the person’s time to be called away from earth and the lessons that come either make us choose the right decisions or not.  If you are not yet saved when you lose someone, it shows how short life really is and we should all take note that it doesn’t matter how young or old we are, or what length of time we think we have on this earth, but to make a decision to follow Him.

When we are without a job, the suffering comes and some burdens as well.  The reciprocal is that He supplies all our needs while we have no job.  He provides for us so that we do not have to do wrong, such as stealing.  If someone does wrong that is because they chose to do it, not because they were forced to do it, as we all have one mind, one body and soul, we have dominion over our thoughts and way of life.  We have the power to make choices and take action.  However when we are Blessed with a job, it doesn’t mean that we are to forget God, it means that He has blessed us even more and we should do more for Him and with Him.

When the heart grieves, it grieves only for a period of time.  God does not enjoy seeing us in pain, but He does it to save us from making wrong choices and to appreciate what He is doing for us each and every day.

If you have not known Him before, it’s not too late to accept Him into your lives today.  Start with a prayer and go from there, seek Him and He will cool the hurt and the pain and take away that grief that you may have today.

Faith & Destiny

Let me start off by asking the question, “What is Faith?”

Faith in someone- believing in/trusting someone who will come true for you in some special way to accomplish some task or goal or to fill that void in your life.

Faith also means to believe in something or some situation.  You believe that something will happen or is bound to happen because it is linked to your destiny.

Most people believe in something or someone by sight.  However faith looks beyond sight.  It’s not about seeing nor hearing but absolute trust and believe.  In order for one to accomplish his/her destiny, he/she must have faith, because if one does not believe in himself, then  that person would not have the will power to accomplish his destiny.  The more faith that one has is the greater he is at achieving his destiny.

For example if you were told that  your destiny is to become king and rule over a land, would you believe that you could be?  Some people would, but others wouldn’t.  It is that self-doubt that kills dreams and by extension destinies are left unfulfilled, but there is one who has Great Power whose Words come to life.  That Person is no other than the one and only Living God.   Most persons do not have faith in Him because they cannot see Him, but whatever He says has come to past and will come to past.

Most difficulty of having faith is in Christ.  I repeat because man is bound by sight they have a hard time believing in Him.  For those who do believe in Him however, and will do His will can be rest assured that their destinies will be fulfilled and great pleasure and peace will come to them.

I can write much more about Faith and Destiny, but the main point I want you to grasp is without Faith in Christ, your life is worth nothing and you will never achieve that purpose for which you were born.

Beyond The Dark

I’d like to start off this blog by asking the question, “Why do people cheat?”

I’m sure you can think of many reasons why people cheat on each other in relationships.
However I just want to list a few:

  1. Happiness – people cheat when they are happy because they feel a sense of freedom and excitement and so they may want to explore that happiness with more than one partners.
  2. Unhappiness – some people cheat because they desire happiness and so if they can’t find it with one person they may go out looking for it with others.
  3. Sexual desires – some people cheat to fulfill their sexual desires.
  4. Neglect – if one person in the relationship is not providing what the other person needs in the relationship, they go out and get it from someone else.
  5. Revenge – some people cheat to get back at their ex-boyfriends or ex-girlfriends to make them feel jealous.
  6. Fun – some people cheat, because they see it as fun to them.
  7. Insecurity – some people are so insecure that they need repeated reassurance that others will  find them sexually attractive.
  8. Immorality – some have no morals and are incapable of being faithful in a relationship.
  9. Commitment – some persons are afraid of committing to one person for the rest of their lives and so they feel the need to cheat.
  10. Reputation – some persons feel they have a need to keep a standard reputation so they do it to feel somewhat accomplished with themselves.

No matter what the reason is cheating is wrong, unfair and causes damage in relationships.  I can go on listing other reasons why cheating is wrong, but one of the most important reasons why cheating is wrong is because God made us so that we were meant to have one partner; one man to one woman.

Marriage is the foundation of relationships and that is the way it should be.  Especially for husbands and wives.  If one of them were to cheat, they would be breaking that covenant which was made to each other and to God.

In the end, one woman to one man is righteous.  And if you think about cheating, ask yourself this question “Will I be able to continue in a relationship where my partner will do the same to me?”  Do unto others as you would want them do unto you.

The Cage At Home

There is that constant struggle that we all may face each and everyday, but there is something or someone or some persons who make these struggles seem worse.

Can you guess what I’m talking about?

If you said the struggles of family life, then you guessed right.

Sometimes people feel as though they are trapped with the stress and struggles they face by other family members in their homes.  This I call, “The Cage at Home,” because you are either underage and cannot leave your home to reside elsewhere or you may not have anywhere else to go so you are stuck with the stress of home life.

They think that their family is there to give them a lot of problems and stress them out, when really and truly that is not the case.  They are their to help and mould you into good and respectable men and women and to bring joy to your heart on a cloudy day.  Most persons who feel caged are those in their teen years.  They feel so because they think their parents are only talking to them, because they can and sometimes they put up a revolt.  The parents can only do so much, but sometimes they got to learn the hard way that life is not a walk int he park, serious things can occur based on the decisions they make and they have to live with the consequences for the rest of their lives.

Sometimes other family members can be annoying yes, but if you look beyond the annoyance, you will see that they only do that because they love you and that is probably their way of showing it.  If one cannot see that and only wants to get out then let them go, they will have to learn the hard way as I said before.  Just to stray a bit it.  It all depends on the raising of the child too.  A home must be full of love, care and other nurturing needs for a child to grow up in the way that you want him or her to.  Though there are some children who grow up in the right way and go astray in which the parents can do no more for.  That however is a different case.  Broken homes produces broken children (sometimes) and good home produces good children (sometimes).

The major points of this blog is to show that one feels caged at home sometimes and it is up to the other family members to not push that person over their limit to which they can take, because they will eventually snap and let loose.

Parents, handle things in a more calm disposition of manner, and  pay attention to the  child or children’s needs, and love them dearly raising them as best as you could without making them feel as if they are caged.

Close At Hand

Many people usually say to look on the bright side of certain situations, but do we really do that, or do we just say we will to get the other person off our backs.

“Every day is not Sunday.”  This quote as simple as it is signifies the fact that things won’t always be good, there will not always be happy days some days are filled with hurt and anguish.  When one experiences such a time, they feel weak in mind, body and soul.  They doubt themselves, their families and friends and sometimes even their husbands or wives.  They feel like they are nothing and feel like giving up.

Looking on the Brighter side of things is not just a statement; it actually helps in situations when you look at them differently.  For example, a woman might  be hustling to get to work and as she steps out the door she forgets her purse.  As soon as she returns into the house and gets her purse, she misses a van that she could have caught to get to work.

She thought to herself “Oh my, there goes a ride, now I’m going to be really late for work.”  She then catches a van 15 minutes later.  On arrival at work she sees on the news an accident that occurred with the same van that she missed earlier.  She then feels relieved that she had forgotten her purse and had missed that van.

On the down side she was a little frustrated about missing the van, because she wanted to get to work on time.  On the brighter side of things, she feels relieved that she was not involved in the accident, because she could have been injured or worse, she could have died.

In saying all of this, I can now make my point, that God allows certain things to happen to us for a good reason.  He has our best interest at heart and so He would do almost anything for us.  Perhaps that lady wasn’t saved and God decided to spear her life a little longer so that she can turn to Him.  If she had died in sin, she would be going to Hell, but God does not desire that of us, He wants us all to reside with Him in Heaven.

I’m sure that most people know that if they die in sin they would go to Hell, but the question is, do they actually believe that they have all the time in the world to get it right with Christ?   Do they think that He will wait on them forever?

No!   His timing is perfect and if you don’t find yourself in his presence before it’s too late, then all hope is lost for you.

Do you really want to go to Hell?  If not, then repent and accept Christ before it’s too late, the time is closer at hand than ever before, so don’t wait on your family, don’t wait on your friends, don’t wait on that someone you love to make this choice, make the choice now.  By accepting Christ, you do not only have eternal life, but you also inherit all that is the Lord’s.  “But seek ye first the kingdom of God, and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.”  Matthew 6:33

If the time runs out, we all know what happens, there is no turning back, time is ticking and you cannot unwind the clock, what’s done is done and so shall it be, so make that choice today and accept Christ as your Lord and Saviour.


Most people today think that they know what love is.

Most relationships in this present time do not last, because of the wrong concept of love.  They think that because they call each other every night that’s love, or the boy buys the girl a bunch of roses means that he loves her.   Holding hands is not love that is just showing that you are proud to be walking with the other person next to you declaring them as your own.

Having sex however is one of the most wrongful concepts there is in loving someone.   Having sex without emotions or just doing it for fun can never be seen as love.  Sex was created for a husband and a wife to be used as an act of love to strengthen the bond of the love that they share.  However, there are many other wrongful concepts of Love which are too many to mention.

You may then ask the question what is Love?

Love is a sacrificial, self-less, genuine, unconditional and, passionate affection and devotion towards another person.  “This is love, not that we loved God, but that He loved us and sent His  Son as an atoning sacrifice for our sins.”
( 1 John 4:10 ) God is the source of Love and also the perfect example of what love is.  “A new command I give you: Love one another.  As I have loved you, so you must love one another. (John 13:34)

What greater love is there than God’s undying love?

Can you really look into your heart and say that you have this love or do you even understand what it means to truly love someone?

We know what Love is from the Scriptures, but do we show it?  I think as human beings, some of us may try to show love, but then that human nature always wants to get into action and take over.  It is up to us now to show that we are stronger than we believe we are and show love to one and all, because that is what God expects of us.  Though it might be very difficult when it comes to loving our enemies and those who hurt us, it is a necessity.   Our human nature will say no way I can never love someone like that, but our Spiritual or Godly nature will embrace that person.

Marriages these days are like playing games to see who will have the shortest time period of togetherness.  Especially celebrities, they marry for one month or even two weeks then get a divorce.  They don’t seem to realize when they say “we will love each other till death do us part” is a covenant they are making and God is taking record.

“Love is not like.”  Love is so much stronger than like.  If anyone really wants to get married they must be totally in love and know that they really want to spend their lives together for the rest of their days on earth.

In life there are many roads that lead to different journeys and for the roads of Love, you must know where it will take you or at least have an idea where you want to end up and be prepared to be hurt, because it happens a lot and know that marriage life is no walk in the park.

Do not marry someone if you are unsure that you truly love them and just remember that you will only be playing with their emotions if you are marrying for all the wrong reasons.  Love is the foundation for a good marriage and it is what keeps a couple together through the days.  One must be able to look at another woman or man and know that they have no feelings for that other person, because they Love and are committed to their spouse.

In everything you think, say or do, do it out of love and from the heart and the Lord will surely bless you.